MRP Subscriptions

User licences

MRP uses a per-seat licence model, based on the number of users with access to the software. For example, 5-user per-seat license will allow up to 5 individually named users to access the program. Fifth Story administers these users by providing user-level security to the platform by email address.


Contact us about the MRP pricing plans that fit your business.


What's included

All subscriptions to MRP include:

  1. Access to the MRP exclusive media database
  2. Unlimited coverage binders for easy organization
  3. Seamless Google Drive and Dropbox integration


There are no limits set on the amount of storage space available, and in the event your account is expired, your data will remain securely stored on our servers for up to 12 months.


Fees charged for subscription plans are non-refundable and due before the acceptance of your registration and on the renewal date thereafter. You will be contacted prior to your renewal date to ensure access to the platform is not interrupted. You may, however, notify Fifth Story at any time prior to the expiry of your subscription that you will not be renewing.