MRP in the Classroom

Set your college or university students up for success by getting your students MRP® certified with a free MRP® classroom module.

Our fully designed classroom module includes:

  1. Free access to MRP®: students will learn how to determine criteria, track coverage and analyze results.
  2. Teaching material: you will be provided with the clips and coverage of an actual campaign (can be regionally specific) that students can use to practice media evaluation. Students can then use MRP® to build an ROI report and/or case study on the campaign’s results.
  3. Media resources: your free MRP® class curriculum comes with free access for the duration of the class for you and your students. Our MRP® representative is also available to give a class either in person for local Toronto schools, or via WebEx lending her on-the-job expertise in media evaluation.
  4. MRP® certification for students: developed by the CPRS and recognized by PR professionals, this certification can be put on Resumes and LinkedIn profiles to help set your students up for success in their job search.

I’m a recent graduate of Centennial College and you visited to give us an MRP tutorial. I just want to thank you again as it has proved to be INVALUABLE when I started my first job!
–  Jason Leite (Jesson + Company Communications Inc.)

When hiring entry-level employees, one key area we look for is an understanding of measurement. Candidates stand out by having practical experience – such as using the MRP evaluation system – and an understanding of the role media analysis plays in delivering ROI to our clients.
–  Tracey Bochner, APR (President, Paradigm Public Relations)

Contact us to sign up for this resource and give your students the hands-on experience that they need, and that employer’s value.