What is P.E.S.O.?

P.E.S.O. is an acronym for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media.

The P.E.S.O. media model is an all-channels-inclusive way of communicating that is truly the only method in which a company, entrepreneur, or cause can earn the attention of those stakeholders that matter.

PAID MEDIA: in this case, it doesn’t refer to big expensive commercials and highly creative ads. On the contrary, paid media for a PR program is social media advertising, sponsored content, and email marketing.

EARNED MEDIA: is what you know as either publicity or media relations. It’s getting your name in print. It’s having a newspaper, trade publication or media website write about you, your brand, or your client. It is what the PR industry is typically known for.

SHARED MEDIA:  most often referenced when working with social media also known as social media. It is evolving as well and continues to build beyond just marketing or customer service teams using it. Soon, organizations will share it as their main source of communications internally and externally.

OWNED MEDIA: otherwise known as content. It is something you own, and it lives on your website or blog. You control the messaging and tell the story in a way you want it told.

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