Setup and edit an MRP report

The “Add Report ” window holds the parameters of a report, including the name of the report,  MRP Quality Criteria, workgroups, budget, evaluation criteria for coverage, and weighted criteria selection.

  1. Navigate to the Report View (Home > Menu > Binders > Report >) and click the “Add” button.
  2. Enter the report name in the field labeled “Name” at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the Client/Topic related to the report for further specification
  4. Select the workgroup(s) you wish to associate with this report (See “Use workgroups to share reports“)
  5. Include the budget (campaign cost) to allow MRP to calculate a cost per contact.
  6. If you wish to calculate the Bonus percentage score and include that score in the overall score fill in the percentage. If you wish to have the same MRP calculations as the previous MRP leave this blank and inactive  ( Learn how to configure MRP 3.0 to score like it’s MRP 2.0)
  7. Select your MRP quality criteria (3-8)
  8. Save the report – click the check mark on the top right-hand of this screen
  9. To edit or modify this report click Edit on the left of the report