Release Notes — 2019.02.26

A planned update to the MRP web application will be released on February 26, 2019. This affects all users of MRP and Fifth Story reporting. 

Changes Under the Hood

Significant architectural changes have been made to your reporting workspace (the clip view window). Many of these changes have been made under the hood and won’t be visually noticeable. These changes have been made as a primer to accommodate new features and improvements in future releases. 

Saved Views

Given the nature of this update saved views in your account will be cleared. This step is necessary to accommodate new features planning for MRP reporting engines. Your report data remains safe and untouched. 

Report Table

The width of the report table has been adjusted to adapt to the full width of wider, larger screens. 

Floating Action Buttons

The action buttons (Add, Edit, Copy and Delete) positioned on the left margin of the report grid will now follow you as you scroll down your report. 

For further information or for assistance please contact the MRP team.