How to search the MRP media database

MRP’s Media Search is conveniently placed in both the main pulldown menu at the top of the application and on the “Home” screen.

To access the Search Media window, click “Menu” at the top of the screen. Then, select the “Search Media” tile.

Searching the MRP media database

From the “Search Media’  window, begin your search by typing in the field labelled “search media …” The application will filter through both the “Outlet Name” and “City” columns (both separately and together) to remove anything that doesn’t match your search criteria.

In the example shown above, the search is displaying results that have both “montreal” AND “gazette” in either the “Outlet Name” AND/OR the “City” columns. The search is not case sensitive, ignores spaces, and treats accented and unaccented characters as the same.

Using the column filters

Searches are rarely simple one-clause matches. We frequently need to search for the same or different text in one or more fields, which means that we need to be able to combine multiple searches in a way that makes sense.

Columns can be filtered strategically to narrow the search results further. Click the filter () in each column header to reveal a filter tool tailored to the data type.

Favourited Media (Starred)

Rather than searching the same outlets over and over again, you can mark the outlet with a star (). Then, when you’re ready to recall all the “starred” outlets, click the “” to the right of the search field. Only those outlets that you’ve marked with a star will display. These starred items are unique to the user that is signed in.


Can’t find the media outlet you’re looking for?

Check out these helpful hints.