Resolving connection issues

We work hard to make sure you always have a smooth, fast connection to MRP. If you experience connectivity issues, here are some things to try.

  • Run a network speed test.
    If you suspect your connection is the problem, run a network speed test. If your connection speed number is lower than 1,000 kbps, your experience with the application will be slow or spotty. Ask your IT department or internet service provider to optimize your connection speed.
  • Find a WiFi connection that’s less restricted.
    Some free WiFi spots, such as a coffee shop, block the connection to These places often have restrictions on the types of websites you can use, or have unwritten time limits that may end your session abruptly. Some even turn off their WiFi coverage during lunch-rush hours. If you’re working from a highly restrictive WiFi location, you may need to change locations or use a VPN.
  • Lower your Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) settings.
    If you’re connected via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), an incorrect MTU setting allows many sites to work without any issues, but can cause problems when you connect to more complex sites, like MRP. Try to lower your MTU settings, or contact your internet service provider about how to do so.