How to move a report from MRP 2.0 to MRP 3.0

To move a report from MRP 2.0 to MRP 3.0 follow these steps.

When your account is converted to MRP 3.0 your MRP 2.0 account is suspended, offering view only mode. MRP 2.0 reports will remain accessible for viewing and exporting only.

Exporting your MRP 2.0 reports

  1. Access MRP 2.0 by signing in at
  2. Navigate to the list of reports/iBinder reports screens.
  3. Place a checkmark next to the report(s) that you wish to export, and click either the “Export selected (.csv)”  or the “Export Selected (.csv) with clipping files” button at the bottom of the list.
  4. The selected reports will download as a .zip file. Extract them to a folder to be referenced later (ie. Desktop, Documents, etc.)

Importing coverage into MRP 3.0

Now that the reports have been exported, you will need to prepare both a Binder and Report in MRP 3.0 to receive the results being imported:

  1. Sign in to MRP 3.0
  2. Create a binder. Remember to configure any custom headings and MRP criteria during this step.
  3. Once the binder is made, create a report. Include all standard and custom MRP quality criteria necessary to match the report you are importing.

Now you’re ready to begin importing.