How to import coverage into your MRP report

With your .csv file ready for import, you will need to prepare both a Binder and Report to receive the coverage data.

  1. Create a binder. Remember to configure any custom headings and MRP criteria during this step.
  2. Once the binder is made, create a report. Include all standard and custom MRP quality criteria necessary to match the report you are importing.

Now you’re ready to begin importing.

  1. Navigate to the “Coverage Import” tool (Menu > Import)
  2. Select the destination binder designated to receive the imported coverage.
  3. Select the destination report designated to receive the imported coverage.
  4. Click the “Load CSV File” field to browse your computer for the .csv file you’ve prepared for import.
  5. The import column headings that match the report column headings will pair automatically. Columns that are paired will be marked with a check.
  6. Column headings not yet paired can be set buy clicking on the adjacent “Import Column” cell labelled “Select/Ignore…”. The headings in your import .csv will be available in your pick-list.
  7. Heading matches can be adjusted by clicking on the adjacent “Import Column” cell to chose alternate data. For example, a column in your report might be labelled “Reporter” while the import column might be labelled “Byline”.Only the columns in your .csv file that have been paired will import.
  8. When complete, click the “Validate” button to ensure that the data being imported is compatible. A pop-up will indicate whether the data passes or fails validation. If the test fails, the data in your import file may need to be modified. Once validation is passed you can click on the “Import” button.
  9. When the import has completed, navigate to the report to see results of your import to begin evaluating your coverage.