How to generate a Coverage Summary

File format: xlsx, pdf
The Coverage Summary is a collection of data tables and graphs generated using your coverage results. This report provides strategic information about how many times your story was picked up and by which outlets;  how many people your message reached; and if your geographic target was met.

How to Generate a Coverage Summary

  1. Download > Coverage Reports
  2. From the Coverage Reports window, a “Publish Date” range encompassing all coverage in your results will populate by default. You can isolate a segment of your coverage by date range by adjusting the range by clicking the calendar icons () in the “Publish Date (Start)” and “Publish Date (End)” fields.
  3. Choose “Coverage Summary” from the “Report Export Type” pick-list. Additional options will appear.
  4. Several data columns have already been added to your report (listed in the “Columns Assigned” panel). These columns can be repositioned, removed and added to to your report by using the controls in the “Column Layout” panels.
  5. Group and subtotal your results by making a selection in the “Group By” dropdown field. The dropdown options will offer any column included the “Columns Assigned” panel.
  6. Sort your results either by “Publish Date” or “Date Created”, in Ascending or Descending order.
  7. Select PDF (open this using Adobe Reader) or XLSX (open this using MS Excel) from the “File Type” dropdown based on your preference and needs.
  8. Click the “Generate” button.

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