How to customize your report view.

MRP packs a lot of information into a single report grid to allow full view of the coverage data, but you can easily change this to include only those columns that interest you in your view.


Sorting Columns

Sort columns ascending or descending by clicking on the column heading that you would like sorted.

Resizing Columns

Easily adjust the width of a column by positioning the mouse over the columns vertical grid line and dragging it to the desired size.  Double click to auto-adjust the width.

Reordering Columns

Drag columns in a report grid from left to right in the table to reorganize where the data rests in the report.

Column Grouping

The Grouping Panel is a special area at the top of the report grid that displays grouping options.  All grouped fields appear in this Group Panel as items along with the sort order, e.g. City, Media Type. You can add or rearrange sorting fields by dragging and dropping the header of the column you wish to use for grouping.

  1. Drag a column heading to the grouping panel at the top of the report grid to group by that column.
  2. Create multiple levels of grouping by dragging more column names to the grouping panel. Rearrange column names within the panel by dragging. In the screenshot above the top-level grouping is by Media Type and the second by P.E.S.O.
  3. To remove a grouping level, click the close [X] on the group header button.

Hiding Unwanted Columns

Hide unwanted columns by clicking ‘Change Display’ option in the ‘Display’ menu. Uncheck the fields that you would like hidden from the ‘Columns’ slider extending from the left side of the screen.