How to configure MRP 3.0 to score like MRP 2.0

Using the “legacy” calculation method, each Quality Criteria is applied with equal importance toward the MRP score.

MR²P begins calculating the score by determining the total number of points available (multiply the total number of stories captured by the number of criteria being used to evaluate). Then, the total number of points earned (including any bonus/demerit points) is divided by the total points available. The tone is excluded from the calculation.

For example: If 150 points are earned, from evaluating 5 criteria in 40 stories, the total MRP Quality Score is 75%. 150 points earned / (5 criteria * 40 stories) = 150 points earned / 200 points available = 75% MRP Quality Score.

Configure MRP 3.0 to score like MRP 2.0

  1. Navigate to the existing report you’d like to edit, or Add a new report.
  2. In the “Add/Edit Report” window, the “Calculate Weight:” toggle should be disabled, displaying red.
  3. Select between 3 and 8 criteria to be included in the MRP Quality Score Calculation. Since the intent is to mimic the MR²P legacy calculation, be sure not to include the ‘Tone’ criteria as one of the selections that you’ve checked.
  4. Since the bonus is counted as an evenly weighted point, the “Bonus Influence” will be determined by the number of quality criteria being measured. Use the table below to set the Bonus Influence.

** Please note that demerit points are not present in MRP 3.0.

Quality Criteria Bonus Influence (%)
3 33%
4 25%
5 20%
6 17%
7 14%
8 13%