Charts Panel

Understanding the story that your coverage data is telling you is critical to the analysis of past campaigns and future campaign planning. MRP offers an interactive panel of charts that delivers your report data in a visual and interactive way.



Finding the Charts Panel

  1. Navigate to the report you are reviewing
  2. Click on the chart icon located in the upper right corner of the report data
  3. The panel will open to reveal a selection of interactive charts

Using the Charts Panel

To accommodate a variety of screen sizes and devices, the Charts Panel slides horizontally with left/right navigation arrows.

Interacting with Charts

The Charts panel reflects what is being displayed in the Clip View; any filters or changes applied to your report data will adjust in the charts immediately. Likewise, clicking the chart data in the panel will apply filters to the report. The “Reset Filter” button will remove any filters applied.

To best illustrate your campaign results, your Charts panel can be reorganized and saved to highlight priority metrics.

Click the “Modify View” button and select “Charts”.

The interactive checklist that appears will control the Charts Panel. Drag to reposition or check/uncheck to show/hide charts accordingly.

Saving the Report View will preserve the Charts panel configuration along with the columns and filters.

Chart details

On the Charts panel, the value labels are hidden and will display on mouse hover.

Each of the charts has a details button that opens to display the same chart in greater detail. Any filters set will also be applied in this screen.

Charts featuring geographic data (City, province) include a coverage map.

All charts and maps can be exported from the details view in PDF, PNG or SVG image formats.

Timeline Analysis — Publish Date

The Publish Date charts are interactive line charts that display yearly, monthly and daily results using either reach or quantity values. This is a unique way to analyze campaign performance in relation to the media cycle and offers year-over-year and month-over-month in a visual way.

Charts Types

The charts included in the Charts panel are listed below. All charts and maps are built using both reach and quantity values. Reach illustrates the number of people that consumed the message, while the quantity metric counts the number of clips.

Media Type

  • Reach: horizontal bar
  • Quantity: horizontal bar


  • Reach: horizontal bar, map
  • Quantity: horizontal bar, map


  • Reach: horizontal bar, map
  • Quantity: horizontal bar, map


  • Reach: horizontal bar
  • Quantity: donut chart


  • Reach: horizontal bar
  • Quantity: horizontal bar

MRP Quality Criteria

  • Reach: 100% bar
  • Quantity: 100% bar

Publish Date

  • Reach: line graph (yearly, monthly, daily)
  • Quantity: line graph (yearly, monthly, daily)