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Understanding Your Fifth Story Results

Your Fifth Story campaigns are closely monitored and the results are delivered to you using the MRP platform. This information is critical to assess the success of your campaign, plan for future communications and help your brand uncover opportunities. Your Fifth Story campaign results can be quickly referenced online, compiled into a report for client presentations […]

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Changing custom data settings

When you edit the name or the column type of existing custom data, your results will adjust in the following ways: Editing the ‘Column name’  or ‘Indicator Name’ affects the meaning of a column and determines if data already entered is relevant. Old data will remain while using the new field name, so if the meaning changes, the old data by no […]

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How to copy a binder

Instead of setting up a binder from scratch, copy an existing binder’s configuration by completing these steps: Navigate to the list of Binders and select the row of the binder being copied. Click the Copy button to the left of the grid. Input a name in the Binder Name field and click Apply.

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