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Can’t find the media outlet you’re looking for?

Can’t find the media outlet you’re looking for?Your search has delivered 0 results. Here are a few things you can try:Check to be sure that the outlet is Canadian or has a strong Canadian audience. The MRP database provides Canadian reach data in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites and blogs.Check your spelling. If you’re searching by outlet name or city and are […]

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Changing custom data settings

When you edit the name or the column type of existing custom data, your results will adjust in the following ways: Editing the ‘Column name’  or ‘Indicator Name’ affects the meaning of a column and determines if data already entered is relevant. Old data will remain while using the new field name, so if the meaning changes, the old data by no […]

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Evaluating Tone in Earned and Shared Communications

Tone is defined as the explicit or strongly implicit characterization of a story’s subject. Tone is determined by individual analysis and should be included as a measured criteria since it can overshadow otherwise positive achievements. The measure of influence that tone has over your overall MRP Quality Score should be determined when setting the campaign […]

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