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What audience data is (and is not) available in MRP?

MRP data sources MRP’s mandate in the marketplace is to provide audited or estimated Canadian audience data for media relations in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites/blogs. The MRP Measurement Committee has outlined that any media in MRP must be relevant to the PR industry and contain original content. Online media outlets are measured using comScore data […]

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Why doesn’t MRP use Ad Values?

It is widely recognized that Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) is invalid and irrelevant as a measure of editorial publicity because: Editorial coverage can be negative. Editorial coverage can be neutral. Editorial articles often contain coverage of competitors, sometimes with favourable references to or comparisons with competitors. Editorial coverage can be poorly positioned which affects its impact. Editorial coverage can be […]

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How often are reach values updated?

The reach values in the MRP media database are updated on schedules dictated by our various suppliers. Each provides Fifth Story with the most up-to-date values accumulated, ranging from annual to quarterly reports. The database is updated with audited reach values when possible. However, to keep up with the fast-moving surroundings, media is appraised on an ad hoc […]

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