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  1. Check to be sure that the outlet is Canadian or has a strong Canadian audience. The MRP database provides Canadian reach data in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites and blogs.
  2. Check your spelling. If you're searching by outlet name or city and are not sure how to spell something, type a few letters and pause. You'll see a list of suggestions.
  3. Less is more. Don't worry about typing out the full name of the media you're looking for. For example, instead of typing Toronto Life Magazine, just type Toronto Life.
  4. When searching broadcast media, type the call letters to ensure the most accurate search. Program names change regularly.
  5. When searching for a website or blog, typing less in your search is even more important. Exclude the protocol, prefix, and suffix. Instead of or, type atlanticbusinessmagazine. Exclude protocol (http://, https://), prefix (www., blogs., events.), and suffix (.com, .ca, .org, .net).

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