Author: Jenny Cruxton

Setup and edit an MRP report

The “Add Report ” window holds the parameters of a report, including the name of report,  MRP Quality Criteria, workgroups, budget, evaluation criteria for coverage and weighted criteria selection. #screenshot Navigate to the Report View (Home > Menu > Binders > Report >) and click the “Add” button. Enter the report name in the field labelled “Name” at the top […]

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How to move a report from MRP 2.0 to MRP 3.0

To move a report from MRP 2.0 to MRP 3.0 follow these steps. When your account is converted to MRP 3.0 your MRP 2.0 account is suspended, offering view only mode. MRP 2.0 reports will remain accessible for viewing and exporting only. Exporting your MRP 2.0 reports Access MRP 2.0 by signing in at Navigate to the list of reports/iBinder reports screens. […]

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