Author: Dayna Elliott

How to generate a Coverage Book

File format: docx, pdf The Coverage Book is a compilation of all of the coverage results for a particular campaign. Digital examples of the coverage coupled with the results and embedded into a book-style document (docx or pdf). In PR, this document is traditionally known as a “clip book”. How to generate a Coverage Book Download > Coverage Reports From the […]

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Can’t find the media outlet you’re looking for?

Can’t find the media outlet you’re looking for?Your search has delivered 0 results. Here are a few things you can try:Check to be sure that the outlet is Canadian or has a strong Canadian audience. The MRP database provides Canadian reach data in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites and blogs.Check your spelling. If you’re searching by outlet name or city and are […]

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Column Data Types

When setting up a custom column it is important to specify a data type.  This defines the kind of information stored in the column. For example, a line of text or currency are data types.  This will help clarify your results and confirm that your import data is compatible when importing clips from a third-party monitoring service.    

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