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What audience data is (and is not) available in MRP?

MRP data sources MRP’s mandate in the marketplace is to provide audited or estimated Canadian audience data for media relations in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites/blogs. The MRP Measurement Committee has outlined that any media in MRP must be relevant to the PR industry and contain original content. Online media outlets are measured using comScore data […]

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How to generate a Coverage Summary

File format: xlsx, pdf The Coverage Summary is a collection of data tables and graphs generated using your coverage results. This report provides strategic information about how many times your story was picked up and by which outlets;  how many people your message reached; and if your geographic target was met. How to Generate a Coverage Summary Download > Coverage Reports From the Coverage Reports […]

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Understanding Your Fifth Story Results

  Your Fifth Story campaigns are closely monitored and the results are delivered to you using the MRP platform. This information is critical to assess the success of your campaign, plan for future communications, and help your brand uncover opportunities. Your Fifth Story campaign results can be quickly referenced online, compiled into a report for […]

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