What audience data is (and is not) available in MRP?

MRP data sources

MRP’s mandate in the marketplace is to provide audited or estimated Canadian audience data for media relations in traditional Canadian media, including news-related websites/blogs. The MRP Measurement Committee has outlined that any media in MRP must be relevant to the PR industry and contain original content.

  • Online media outlets are measured using comScore data and provides multi-platform/total universe numbers when available.
  • Television is measured using proprietary data, estimating total program audience.
  • Radio is also measured using proprietary data, estimating audience per quarter hour.
  • Print media uses topline readership data.
  • Mobile Apps, Blogs, and other digital media not available from a third-party audited source, are measured using estimates and numbers provided by site owners and/or Google Analytics.


Audience Data not available in MRP

Social Media

MRP does not provide social media analytics but can report social coverage. Mainstream social outlets can be found but will contain a reach value of ZERO. The outlet profile details, post permalink data and reach values can be manually input.


Newsletters are subscription based; proprietary, accurate reach numbers are not obtainable. These values can be manually input.

RSS Feeds / News Aggregators

RSS feeds are sourced from a main site and should reference the originating site for reach numbers.

Aggregators: Sites that manage syndicated stories, or upload in different ways as a result of copyright and intellectual property laws or sites that require a subscription, login and password to enter (for example Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Highbeam and Infomart). Aggregator sites tend link back articles to another site – usually the originating site.

International Publications/Broadcasts

MRP does not have access to reach data for traditional media outside of Canada. These outlets can be manually input.

National TV programs and repeats

TV and radio programs that run nationally are listed with the NATIONAL audience only, and are not broken out by region.


MRP does not include newswires and suggests recording only the pick up that the newswire generates.