Understanding Your Fifth Story Results


Your Fifth Story campaigns are closely monitored and the results are delivered to you using the MRP platform. This information is critical to assess the success of your campaign, plan for future communications, and help your brand uncover opportunities.

Your Fifth Story campaign results can be quickly referenced online, compiled into a report for client presentations or for deeper analysis, and for MRP subscribers, seamlessly integrated into an existing MRP report.

How do I access my Fifth Story coverage results?

As a Fifth Story client, you will receive an email to alert you of new media pick-up that has been added to the campaign results. This email provides a hyperlink to where the campaign results are stored online.

Sample email text:


**Please note that these web portals are accessible to anyone that receives the URL.**

  1. Follow the hyperlink provided in the email alert.
  2. Select the campaign report from the list by clicking on the hyperlinked report name. Your results are presented on screen in a table format with the most recently added (Date Created) at the top. The results table can be quickly searched, sorted, grouped, and filtered to best suit your needs.


If you are an MRP subscriber you can also go to your results in your Binders, after you log in. You can search for your Fifth Story earned results in the Binders:


What do the columns in my results table mean?

Coverage details are presented in a table of results. Each column is described below:

Column Name Description
File Type Each piece of content captured can be accompanied by a media file (image, recording, screenshot, clipping, etc). The "File Type" column displays the file extension of the media file uploaded. This information in this column is a hyperlink, and when clicked it launches the media file to be viewed or listen to.
Publish Date The "Publish Date" column displays the date that the content was published or posted.
Air Time The approximate time that the coverage aired (Radio).
Outlet Name The name of the media outlet in which the content was found. Online outlets are listed using the outlet's web domain.
Media Type The type of media covering the story. Daily newspaper, blog, television station, community newspaper, etc.
Reach Reach is the total number of unique individuals who had the opportunity/potential to see an item.
City The city or town where the outlet is published. Online outlets (websites, blogs, etc.) have been assigned a city of "National".
Province The province, territory or state where the outlet is published. Online outlets (websites, blogs, etc.) have been assigned a Province of "CDN".
Headline The title of the article/post.
Notes Additional monitoring notes made related to the media pickup.
Launch Date The News Canada Issue that included your content.
Fifth Story Service The service purchased from Fifth Story that contributed to the pick-up.
Date Created The date that the coverage was added to the report.


How do I quickly search through my results?

The search field is located under the report name, labelled “Type here to filter”. Your search will look through the Headline, Outlet Name or City columns.

How can I hide columns from my view?


Click “Modify View” to the top left of your coverage results, and then “Columns”. The Columns choices will appear and you can deselect the ones you wish to hide.


Sort your results in ascending or descending order or alphabetically by title by clicking on any column header.


How can I group my results by media type, city, etc?

Drag column headers to the area above the table to group your results. Subtotals are provided for every group that you apply.


How can I filter my results?

A filter can be applied to any column in your results table by clicking the filter icon () in the column header.




How can I filter my results by Fifth Story Service?

Go to the Fifth Story Service column and click on the filter ()

Fill in the dialog box with the service you wish to filter to. Tip: using contains will broaden your search. Also to find your videos they will be under online video



For more on customizing  your report view click here

How do I generate a Coverage Report?

Your coverage can be assembled into either a Coverage Summary (.xlsx or .pdf) or a Coverage Book (.docx or .pdf) by clicking ‘Download’ on the upper left of the results table, and then “Coverage Reports”.


How to Generate a Coverage Summary

File format: xlsx, pdf
The Coverage Summary is a collection of data tables and graphs generated using your coverage results. This report provides strategic information about how many times your story was picked up and by which outlets; how many people your message reached; and if your geographic target was met.

For more on downloading coverage summary click here

How to generate a Coverage Book

File format: docx, pdf
The Coverage Book is a compilation of all of the coverage results for a particular campaign. Digital examples of the coverage coupled with the results and embedded into a book-style document (docx or pdf). In PR, this document is traditionally known as a “clip book”.

For more on downloading coverage books click here

Can I export my data to Excel?

In addition to running formatted reports, your results can be exported in full or in part to a .xlsx file by clicking ‘Download’ on the upper left of the results table, and then “Current View”. This is an export of raw, unformatted data that is not prepared for presentation.


How can I copy my Fifth Story results to my MRP report?

MRP subscribers have the option to copy Fifth Story coverage to an existing MRP report by following these steps: (Not an MRP subscriber? To find out more or to sign-up contact info@mrpdata.com)

  1. Select the coverage row(s) to be copied to MRP.
  2. Click the red “Copy” icon to the left of the results table. You will be prompted for your MRP credentials if you are not already signed in.
  3. Select the destination Binder and Report in the “Convert Clip(s)” dialogue box and click the “save” checkmark.
  4. When asked if you would like to continue, click “yes” to confirm the copy or “No” to cancel.

For more on how to copy your Fifth Story results into MRP click here

For further assistance or if you have any questions please contact info@mrpdata.com